Spring Engagement Session of Jennifer & Simon

Proposal Story by Jennifer (bride to be)

Honestly, the proposal was a surprise and wasn’t completely a surprised at the same time. Let me explain why. Firstly, we’ve been talking about the idea of getting married since we moved in our first apartment together and was a serious thought on my mind before buying our first house together. Secondly, after moving into our new home, we started to look for rings together to get an idea of what style I liked. Thirdly, we had sat down before the proposal to talk about what the wedding would look like and where would we host the wedding. Fourthly, I accidentally saw that he googled “how to propose” and I suggested what I found romantic. Lastly, I suggested the best times to get engaged were Valentine’s Day, our anniversary in July, or my 30th birthday in December. Some might find this ruins the surprise, but hey, if you know me well, you know I hate surprises and I’m not subtle at all when I ask for things. I think this is why we’re a good match, because he doesn’t like to read my mind and wants me to voice my thoughts.

However, the timing and the actual proposal was a complete surprise! I had picked up a weekend shift where I would normally work 10 days straight and have 4 days off (Thursday, Friday and the weekend), but since Monday was a stat holiday, I got 5 days off! I decided to travel somewhere close by and somewhere I’ve never been to. I decided to visit my cousin that moved from Canada to San Francisco. Simon had voiced that Valentine’s day was a stupid holiday and that there shouldn’t be one day of the year for couples to celebrate their love for each other. That’s fine, because it made me feel less guilty that I’d be away on my trip for Valentine’s day. (I did ask to video chat on Valentine’s day since I’ll be gone.)


When Simon picked me up from the airport, the first thing I noticed was that he had shaven. Then I noticed on the drive home that he wore cologne and had the same shirt he wears for date night on. I thought we would be going out for dinner, but he already made dinner (Spaghetti) at home. Eventually he told me there will be a treasure hunt for me at home. P.S. I made him promise he’d plan something special for me when I returned from my trip to celebrate Valentine’s day on a different day. I forgot what my end of the bargain was… Anyways, when I arrived home, he gave me a handmade card with the first clue. He had printed photos of us and used post-it notes with clues hidden around the house. There were at least 7 clues before the final clue lead me to the kitchen with my eyes closed. I seriously thought I was going to get a flowers or a cake! When I opened my eyes, I saw he was down on one knee, I smacked him first because I was so sure he wouldn’t propose for another year. (I gave him a deadline that I wanted to be married by the time he becomes a journeyman Electrician, which is in a few years.) Then I let him continue with his proposal as I started to cry because of the surprise and the very sweet things he proposed about our future. I later learned that he had to improvise, because he got thrown off when I started to cry. So, I asked him to share the original version. It was very special. 🙂

I said yes on Feb 15, 2016. This was what I’ve been waiting for and couldn’t be any happier that I’m going to marry my best friend and life partner! 🙂 We wanted to celebrate together before telling our families. The next day, I announced our engagement on Facebook!


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